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Welcome Back!

Students, staff and faculty, welcome back! Momentum is picking up for the new semester! Faculty reported back this week, students move back into residence halls Sunday, Convocation is Tuesday, and classes start Wednesday. Throughout the break, Aggie Athletes have been playing on the road and at home, culminating in last night’s last-minute thrilling win for our Men’s Basketball team over Grand…
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Fall 2018 Commencement

This week, about 1,250 of our students completed their degree requirements, and most of them will attend Commencement tomorrow along with family, friends, supporters, and other loved ones. This is an important milestone. The Commencement ceremony marks the conclusion of a degree program, but the word “Commencement” denotes a beginning. If we had a commemorative…
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Our promise: We stand with you

Before New Mexico State University existed, Tortugas Mountain – also known as A Mountain – was a sacred place for the people of the Tortugas Pueblo. At yesterday’s Inauguration of Chancellor Arvizu and myself, Patrick Navaez, Cacique of Tortugas Pueblo, affirmed the long-standing foundation of friendship, mutual respect and assistance between the Pueblo and NMSU…
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Condolences and unity

This week’s communication was initially intended to address the recent sexual assaults on campus. I wanted to write about how our community takes these grave assaults seriously, and how students, faculty and staff are collaborating on outreach and messaging to unite our community. My primary message was going to be that our best weapon against…
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Welcome Dr. April Mason, Interim Provost

Dear Colleagues, On Thursday, November 1, Dr. April Mason will join the NMSU Community as our Interim Provost.  I am certain all of you, the Aggie community, will welcome Dr. Mason just as you did a few months ago when the Chancellor and I arrived on campus. Since the October 23rd announcement of Dr. Mason’s…
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Interim Provost

I am pleased to announce that Dr. April Mason has agreed to serve as Interim Provost at New Mexico State University. She will begin this position on November 1 and has agreed to serve until mid-May. Dr. Mason’s experience as an academic leader makes her an ideal candidate for this position. She served as the Provost…
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Vote at Corbett Center

On Saturday October 20 at 11:00 am, the Otero Room on the first floor of the Corbett Center Student Union will open for early voting for voters registered in Doña Ana County. In recognition of the importance of voting, the Associated Students of NMSU (ASNMSU) invites eligible voters to cast their ballots on Tuesday, October…
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First Draft for Strategic Directions

Strategic Directions for New Mexico State University were discussed at the Board of Regents meeting on Wednesday, October 3, and Chancellor Arvizu and I provided thoughts on how we can address those strategic objectives to improve student success, elevate research and creativity, and amplify outreach and economic development. Building on the current Vision 2020 Strategic…
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Shaping the Future

As I’ve mentioned before, Chancellor Arvizu and I are working to give more autonomy to our unit leaders across the university. We’re going to push decision-making down to where the action is – where things actually get done. Those who are closest to a situation tend to be the ones most capable of finding the…
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Strategic Directions

This week, Chancellor Arvizu and I met with the Board of Regents in a public working session to discuss our emerging plan to develop near- and longer-term strategic goals for New Mexico State University. Our strongest focus is on student success, and it is incumbent on me and the Chancellor to ensure that every office…
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