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GO Bond

Early voting in New Mexico is already underway and I would like to encourage everyone to become fully informed about General Obligation Bond D and its tremendous benefit to the New Mexico State University system and the entire state. If passed by voters, GO Bond D would provide $31.2 million to important NMSU renovation and construction…
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A Touch of Fall in the Air

It’s been an intense yet exciting week and a half for New Mexico State University. It started Oct. 3 when President Floros and I were able to outline our strategic direction and performance metrics during the Board of Regents meeting. That was followed by a Foundation Board meeting and all of our events related to…
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First Draft for Strategic Directions

Strategic Directions for New Mexico State University were discussed at the Board of Regents meeting on Wednesday, October 3, and Chancellor Arvizu and I provided thoughts on how we can address those strategic objectives to improve student success, elevate research and creativity, and amplify outreach and economic development. Building on the current Vision 2020 Strategic…
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Safe campus

Over the past two weeks, three incidents of sexual assault against students have been reported on our campus. This message addresses those assaults and reaffirms that NMSU will not tolerate sexual assault on any of our campuses. Being a member of the Aggie Community comes with privileges but also responsibilities. All members of the Aggie Community are expected to understand that: When it comes to…
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Fortifying K-16 Education

A few months ago, I spoke at the Great Minds in STEM summit in California. I challenged those in attendance to find outside investment, including partnerships with corporations, philanthropy and government agencies, to improve education funding and methodology from kindergarten through college with a focus on science, technology, engineering and math. Earlier this week, NMSU…
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Shaping the Future

As I’ve mentioned before, Chancellor Arvizu and I are working to give more autonomy to our unit leaders across the university. We’re going to push decision-making down to where the action is – where things actually get done. Those who are closest to a situation tend to be the ones most capable of finding the…
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Celebrating Our Diversity

Sept. 17-23 is National Hispanic-Serving Institutions week and New Mexico State University will join other members of the Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities in celebrating our rich diversity during this important week. For NMSU, our diversity is one of our greatest strengths. We serve a state and a region with a large Hispanic population…
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Moving Forward

We’re sure many across campus have seen or heard news of our $3.3 million budget deficit due to changes in our scholarship awarding practices. We’ve also heard directly from faculty members that there is concern this might lead to across the board cuts or a hiring freeze. We want to assure everyone, that while we…
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Strategic Directions

This week, Chancellor Arvizu and I met with the Board of Regents in a public working session to discuss our emerging plan to develop near- and longer-term strategic goals for New Mexico State University. Our strongest focus is on student success, and it is incumbent on me and the Chancellor to ensure that every office…
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Aggie Pride

I have to tell everyone how impressed I was by all of the students, faculty, staff and community members who came out to support the Aggie football team last weekend during our first home game at Aggie Memorial Stadium. Although the score wasn’t what we were hoping it would be, we showed a great deal…
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