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Beginning the Semester

It’s been another busy week at NMSU. Congratulations to everyone who was recognized during our Spring Convocation ceremony on Tuesday. We are fortunate to have such wonderful faculty and staff members at NMSU. Thank you for everything you do for our students and for the communities we serve. As I’ve mentioned before, we are setting…
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Fortifying K-16 Education

A few months ago, I spoke at the Great Minds in STEM summit in California. I challenged those in attendance to find outside investment, including partnerships with corporations, philanthropy and government agencies, to improve education funding and methodology from kindergarten through college with a focus on science, technology, engineering and math. Earlier this week, NMSU…
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Shaping the Future

As I’ve mentioned before, Chancellor Arvizu and I are working to give more autonomy to our unit leaders across the university. We’re going to push decision-making down to where the action is – where things actually get done. Those who are closest to a situation tend to be the ones most capable of finding the…
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